I’m Moving to Costa Rica- Today!

Today is a big day for me. I am moving to Costa Rica.

I will be blogging a lot more about this in the future; for today I mainly want to explain why I am doing this.

If you had told me two years ago that I would be moving to Costa Rica (or any other foreign country), I would have said WHY?

I wouldn’t have thought there was any good reason to do that… now I think it’s something I’m supposed to do.

I’ve lived pretty much my whole adult life in Florida. I’ve owned a condo there for 13 years now. I bought it because it was near a job I had at the time- a job that ended less than a year later.

My next, and last, job was out of town.

Since then I’ve been running an Internet-based business, so there’s no real reason I have to live there.

This would be a good time to point out that I’m NOT moving because I’m trying to escape from the US. I am concerned about where the country is going economically and with ever bigger government. But I’m not looking at giving up my citizenship or anything that drastic.

I’m also not a fugitive, not trying to get away from a crazy ex-wife or anything like that.

I guess technically you could say I’m not moving, in that I am not going to Costa Rica permananently, not taking all my stuff there.

I don’t know how long I will be there- the plan is about six months. It will depend on what kind of housing I can find. I have three nights booked at a room in a hostel; beyond that I don’t know where I’m staying.

I call it moving, because I’m going there to live, not taking a vacation. I’m not retired yet. (I don’t claim to be retired just because I haven’t had a job for years- retired means you don’t have to work at all if you don’t want to.)

I chose six months because that’s long enough to consider it living there, rather than just visiting. If I were there for a month or less, I’d consider it a vacation, even though I would still be running my business.

Six months is also about the minimum for a long-term rental, so I can be living in an apartment or condo with reasonable monthly rent, not a hotel with hotel-type nightly prices.

Why Costa Rica?

In a way, I didn’t choose Costa Rica, it chose me. What I mean is, I didn’t decide to move out of the US and then figure out where to go. I went somewhere and decided I wanted to go back there to live.

Back in July 2012 I got to go to Costa Rica with a friend for a week and stay there with another friend, rather than at a hotel.

This was the first time I had been to an “exotic” foreign place like that, stayed in someone’s home, and saw them running an Internet business just like you would do in the US.

I knew that could be done, but this was the first time I had seen it in person.

You can only see so much in a week, and except for long van rides to and from the capital city of San Jose, we spent the entire week in the town where my friend lived. We never went more than a mile ot two from his place, always walking.

I want to see more of Costa Rica: the rain forests, volcanoes, waterfalls, the wildlife, other cities and towns.

I want to do more adventure-type stuff like ziplining, horseback riding, and scuba diving.

I want to learn to surf. I got a lesson that week from my friend, enough of a taste of it to see how thrilling it can be.

During that week I knew I wanted to come back for all those reasons. I thought I might come back that winter for a month or so.

That didn’t happen, for a variety of reasons.

I realized that for me, surfing is probably going to take a while to get. I don’t know if I could get the hang of it in a month. If I could, I would probably just get to the point where I was hooked on it and would have to leave.

The funny thing is that my place in Florida is only about a mile from the Gulf of Mexico, so we have beaches all over, as well as surf shops.

However we rarely get waves more than a foot or two high, not really enough to surf with, except when there are storms, which come with strong warnings to stay out of the water due to strong currents and other dangers.

So although I could take surf lessons near my place, it would be too frustrating waiting for decent conditions between lessons.

With something like that you need to work on it every day or at least a few times a week to make much progress, or you would end up just repeating the same lesson over and over.

I think the fact that I’ve lived there for 13 years and don’t know anyone there who surfs says about all you need to know on that.

As I said, I didn’t make it back to Costa Rica during the winter of 2012-2013. In April 2013 I suddenly got the idea of getting a roommate and moving down there for six months, for the reasons described above.

I wanted a roommate partly to save on rent and mostly to have someone around I know and trust.

I thought it might be hard to find one, since it would have to be someone who was willing and able to go live in another country for six months.

That pretty much means it would have to be someone who is single with no kids or job to keep them in the States and a source of income to pay for everything.

The first friend I thought of said Yes right away.

I was shocked- not so much that he said Yes, but that he gave me a definite answer right away rather than saying he would think about it, like most people do.

I took his immediate Yes as a sign that this move was something that was meant to happen. I really thought it might take a month to line up a roommate.

I wasn’t ready to move right away, for several reasons.

Since I own a home and run a business, I knew there were some things I needed to take care of first. I wasn’t quite sure what all those things were or how long they would take, but I figured six months would be long enough.

THe time of year was also bad for a move. Costa Rica doesn’t really have summer and winter, just rainy season and dry season. Late spring through early fall are the rainy months, and the rest of the year is dry. The temperature doesn’t vary much through the year, probably because it’s so close to the equator.

We picked November as the target to move. We weren’t quite ready by then, and my friend is still not ready. I spend t a few weekes deciding whether I wanted to go alone when I realized the original plan was not going to happen. I’ll write more about that some other time.

The goal of November turned to “by the end of the year” and then due to many places being booked around the holidays, it ended up being mid-January. It wasn’t until Christmas that I picked January 14 as the date, and now it’s finally arrived.

I have to wrap this up because I’m writing it at the airport in Tampa while waiting for the first of three flights today… the day the dream starts becoming reality.

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